Building in Public
with Kevon Cheung

Friday, April 9th, from wherever you are
9AM HKT // 3AM CET // 6PM PST, for 1 hour

Don’t miss our first ever Talk by Selva.

You see that guy with the pineapple? Yup, that's Kevon. He's the indie builder who created the definitive guide on Building in Public.

Come join us as we chat about why he walked away from his venture-backed startup to become an indie builder, what he learned from that experience, and what he’s doing now. As you can tell, it'll be a fun and honest conversation!

Only 50 spots available!

Talks by Selva is a series of open and honest conversations about the struggles and realities of entrepreneurship, told by fellow indiehackers, builders, and makers who are still figuring it out themselves.

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